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Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

One on One Care

 I find one on one care to be the most effective in recovery of wellness.  I offer video consultations over a secure Telehealth connection. 



Initial Consultation


The initial consultation last about 1.5 hours.  Your case will be taken in depth. 
Essential to homeopathy is the belief that all levels of a person, mental, emotional and physical, are interrelated.  All symptoms and characteristics are important and relevant.

Homeopathic Medicine

Follow-up Consultation


Follow-up consultations are 30 mins.  Your homeopathic intake continues and your progress will be reviewed.

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For students of homeopathy, I offer one on one mentorship sessions for $35 per hour. The link below will let you email me with your study goals and details.

Alternative Medicine

Request an appointment at a time other than shown on the calendar

For example, if you are in a different time-zone

The link below will let you email me with your request.

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Homeopathic Consultation

Homeopathic Treatment and the Healing Process

The initial consultation lasts about 1.5 hours.  Follow up visits are 30 minutes.  Bi-weekly or monthly visits are recommended until progress is fully established.  
The speed of healing is dependent upon the individual person.  For some, the healing is rapid and dramatic.  For a few, much tender care is needed and healing may progress more slowly.  However, for most, the healing process is gradual but lasting results maybe seen within several months.

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